A10-16 Cable


A10-16 Cable



A10-16 Cable

Plantronics A10 Cord (part number 66268-02, formerly 66268-01, 66268-03 or 33669-01 also called A10-16) is a special cord (QD – Modular) which makes an H-series headset act like a P-series Polaris headset. Beginning August 15, 2008, Plantronics discontinued its line of Polaris (P-series) headsets. All telephones that formerly were compatible with Plantronics Polaris headsets will now be directed to purchase the Plantronics H-series headsets (exact same styles but models start with H instead of P) and this A10 bottom coiled cord. Together the H-series headset and the A10 cord are equivalent to the former Polaris models. No amplifier is needed.

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